segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2009

Relógio de bambu

Este relógio charmoso está à venda no MomA Store e explora a beleza natural do bambu. O "Bamboo Desk Clock" de Yusuke Tsujita é clean com aquele perfuminho retrô, que tanto apreciamos.
via: furniturefashion

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Introducing Delightfull: Glamourous lighting design

Dear Sir/ Madam

Delightfull is portuguese brand of interior lighting design with glamour.
The first collection of this exclusive brand was launched in June and named heritage.
Each Heritage lamp is unique, hand crafted and made with vast know-how and accumulated experience.
The collection is formed by a group of reedited lamps, with a visual perception that blow the passion for the interior design, turning anyplace into delicate and distinct space.

We would like to present some of these pieces in your blog.

The pictures are in attachment and Delightfull’s Url is

Thank you for your time.